The Stanich ski centre

The Stanich ski centre has three tracks, two ski lifts and a two-seater cable car that takes you from the town, through a beech forest, directly to the slopes. The paths are easy 350m, medium 400m and a path with an advanced level of 700m in length under the two-seater cable car. There are also elements for a snowboard park on the ski slopes. Under the blue lift and the stasis under the cable car, there is a light installed for night skiing. Near the centre itself on the grounds, there is a catering facility, a restaurant that offers various types of food and drinks. The centre has a ski depot for renting skis as well as a ski school.

The locality Stanich is located west of Krushevo and Koriata. This locality can be reached by cable car located in the city itself. This locality is famous for winter sports. The terrain itself has ski lifts and is suitable for recreational skiing and sledging.