The Todor Proeski Memorial House represents a grand and unique project with a specific purpose and reason for construction. It’s a monument to a man who was, is, and will remain a moral beacon and guide for all people. It represents a building that will fully immerse you in the life of this icon of the Macedonian music scene. The displayed exhibits will show you how Toshe grew, and swam in the musical waters, to finally conquer them completely.

The memorial house opened on April 25, 2011. The facility has an area of 870 square meters shaped as a cross. The memorial, in which Toshe’s entire life is displayed in one place, is equipped with the most modern equipment. 

It features two wax figures of Toshe, one in a standing position with a microphone in hand and the other in a music studio playing the piano. In the central part of the building is a prayer book with all the religious objects that Toshe owned, as well as several of his written thoughts or philosophies of life-related to faith, love, family and friendship. The memorial house represents the materialization of the entire life path of Toše Proeski where the content provides a chronological narrative of his childhood, teenage years, and the period when Toše reached the peak of his artistic career.