Mechkin Kamen

Mechkin Kamen is a monument near the town of Krushevo. It represents an insurgent with a rock raised high above his head representing the last desperate moment in the fight of the insurgents from the detachment of the legendary Pitu Guli, who gave their lives defending the Republic of Kruševo.

Mechkin Kamen is one of the most famous localities near Krushevo.

This locality is known for the historical battle that took place on August 2, 1903, in defence of the Krushev Republic. Duke Pitu Guli died heroically in this legendary battle, with almost his entire insurgent company fighting bravely against the stronger opponent – Bakhtiar Pasha’s army and the Bashibozuk. A monument was built on this site in honour of Pitu Guli and his insurgent company who bravely fought for the Krushevo Republic.